Founded in 1888, we have 4 generations of in-depth experience to produce high quality finishings in a wide range of wooden products and furniture.

French Polishing


French Polishing is the process of applying many thin coats of shellac polish with a wad to give a superior finish which is renowned for it’s depth, colour and natural appearance. The wad – sometimes known as a 'fad' – is a bundle of cotton wadding which is like a tough cotton wool wrapped in a cotton cloth.

French polishing is a highly skilled process requiring many years of experience to achieve the best finishes. If looked after and wax polished, French Polished finishes can last for generations; far longer than some modern synthetic finishes which may have a considerably shorter lifespan.

The beauty of French Polished surfaces is that you can re-polish them to erase minor marks and blemishes without taking the article back to its bare surface; cutting down on refurbishment time and cost.

Spray Lacquering

Pink Chest of Drawers being sprayed

Lacquer, or varnish, can be applied using a brush, roller or sprayed on. Spray lacquering has the advantage of producing a wide range of finishes from flat matte to a high-burnished gloss. Spraying permits an almost unlimited range of colours from clear lacquer through tinted lacquers to bright fluorescents and everything in between.

Spray Lacquering should be performed in a dedicated spray booth to control the environment, filtering dust from the atmosphere, setting the temperature and humidity, and extracting the fumes in a safe manner.

Domestic and commercial

Chairs before and after

Furniture can be very precious and have great sentimental significance possibly being a family heirloom passed down through the generations. Renovation, repairs and refreshing need to be performed with great competence and skill and handled with a sympathetic manner.

Commercial work requires speed, quality, reliability and durability. The working environment can be challenging and requires a flexible working attitude and integrity, especially when working with other trades onsite. Costs must be controlled and quotations adhered to.